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Palmer's Gymnastics Covid 19 Policies & Procedures

**Please Note...Due to the Covid19 restrictions placed upon us by the state of IL, we have several new rules in place. Please read through the below information in it's entirety to familiarize yourself with the newly implemented rules and what your athlete will need to bring with them to each practice.

Important …..what to bring:  Cubbies will NOT be available for gymnasts to use. Each gymnast will be responsible for bringing a back pack or gym bag with their name clearly labeled. Their bag will be carried with them to all events. Each bag should contain a water bottle (no water or snacks will be sold), any personal equipment needed to participate and hand sanitizer.  All gymnasts will be required to use hand sanitizer between stations.

Preschool parents participation:  Parents of preschool students (ages 3-5) are welcome to attend class with their child (but not required). We understand and appreciate that each family has a different comfort level about allowing their children to participate in youth sports. Allowing the parents of our younger students the ability to participate with their child (if they wish) gives them an opportunity to help their child socially distance and keep their hands to themselves.

Face masks:  All staff and parents will still be required to wear masks/face shields at all times in the gym! 


Spotting:  We will be spotting. If you would prefer us not to spot your child we certainly understand. Please let your child’s coach know upon arrival to their 1st class.


Taking temperatures:  All staff and athletes will have their temperature recorded upon arrival each day. Temperatures will be taken with a touchless thermometer to assure physical distancing. If an athlete or staff member has a temperature at or above 100.4° they will not be allowed to participate. Furthermore, we want sick gymnasts and staff members to stay home. We want gymnasts and staff members with sick family members to stay home too!  Please note….If parents are entering the building to watch practice you will be asked to have your temperature taken too.


The front lobby will be open: Please be courteous to our office staff members and stand 6 feet away when conducting business.

Entry and exit of the building: We are asking that parents continue to drop off at the side door only (on the North side of the building) and pick up from the back door (at extreme back of building by the stairs and picnic table). No students will be allowed to enter or exit through the front lobby doors unless their preschool class starts in the tot room.  You will be notified in advance if your child’s class starts in the tot room.  This is the only way to ensure we get all students temperatures taken prior to them entering the building.

Extra attention to hand washing, disinfecting and cleaning: All athletes and staff are asked to use the restroom and wash their hands thoroughly before traveling to the gym. All athletes and staff will be required to sanitize/wash their hands before workout, between events and after workout.  Athletes and staff are always reminded to cough or sneeze into their elbow. In addition, we will have extra tissues and hand sanitizer around the gym for health and cleanliness. Each night the gym and mats will be sanitized and Palmer’s will take necessary measures to ensure the facility remains as germ free as possible.


Foam pit: We will begin using the pit. It will be sprayed with a disinfectant twice daily.


NO snacks will be sold and NO snack breaks will be given: Athletes are asked to eat before coming to the gym.


Social distancing parents: For the time being, our bleachers will still be removed. We will have clearly marked physical distancing position indicators on the floor for where you can stand to view classes.  Parents are always welcome to watch, but for the safety of our staff and students we need to limit the number of people viewing (we highly encourage athletes to be dropped off and picked up). Only 1 parent may enter the facility per family. Absolutely NO additional siblings or spectators may enter the building at this time. This is not an option.  It is for the safety and health of our entire Palmer’s family.  All of the children’s toys in the tot room lobby will be removed.  Parents MUST wear masks at all times. Weather permitting; we will open up both garage doors to allow for additional parent viewing.

Teaching in circuits:  We will continue to teach in circuits to assure physical distancing. Each student will be given a station and they will remain at that station until told to rotate. This has worked nicely to allow social distancing.



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