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Before Entering Palmer's Gymnastics please be sure you can answer "NO" to all of these Covid 19 Questions!

**Please Note...Due to the Covid19 restrictions placed upon us by the state of IL, we have several new rules in place. Please read through the below information in it's entirety to familiarize yourself with the newly implemented rules and what your athlete will need to bring with them to each practice.


  1. For all entering the facility wearing a mask is required.   However, please contact the office regarding the most current masking policy.
  2. Athlete will not come to practice if he/she has a temperature, cough, runny nose, sore throat or stomach problems in the last 72 hours.
  3. Athlete will not come to practice if a member of the family is sick.
  4. If athlete or family member tests positive for Covid 19, the athlete may not return to practice until they have tested negative for the virus and have been 10 days symptom free.
  5. Guardians agree to discuss social distancing with your athlete prior to every practice.
  6. Parents will pick athletes up on time.
  7. Athletes will not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to workout time.
  8. Athletes must use the restroom and wash their hand thoroughly before leaving home, prior to gymnastics.
  9. Athletes will use hand sanitizer before workout, between events and after workout.
  10. Only 1 athlete at a time in the restroom while washing hands.
  11. Athletes will follow social distancing protocol. 
  12. Parents are always welcome to watch, but for the safety of our staff and students we need to limit the number of people viewing (we highly encourage athletes to be dropped off and picked up).  All of the children’s toys in the tot room lobby will be removed. 


Lockers and cubbies will be for shoes only. Everyone will be required to bring a backpack or gym bag that has a bright ribbon or something that will help them to quickly identify their bag.  The following items are required to be in their backpack/gym bag (please put your child’s name on everything):

1. Hand Sanitizer at least 70% alcohol (Required for All students)

2. Water bottle with name clearly marked (Required for All students)

     The below items apply to our high school and/or team athletes only:

3. Ziploc bag or something to put chalk in.  Each athlete will have their own chalk.  NO CHALK WILL BE SHARED       

4. Spray bottle (these will not be shared)    

5. Grips, wristbands and grip scraper (if needed)

6. Tiger Paws

7. Tape & pre-wrap



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