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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often is tuition due?

A.We divide the year into six sessions, averaging 7-9 weeks per session. Tuition is due in advance of each session on or before each Priority Due Date. For your convenience, we offer a credit card “auto pay” option so that you will never miss a PDD!

Q. What is the Priority Due Date (PDD), and why do you have it?

A. Our Priority Due Date (PDD) is the last possible date by which Current Students may pay tuition in order to maintain their current class spot. After the PDD, our computer system automatically deletes unpaid students from the roster and new students are placed in vacancies. The PDD is approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the next session. Priority Due Dates.

Q. Can I observe class?

A. Parents and siblings are always welcome to watch the weekly progress of our students. Only two requirements:

  1. Viewing is limited to the lobby area. Parents and sibling are not permitted on the gym floor.
  2. Parents are not allowed to converse with students during class times.

We have learned from years of experience that these rules are necessary. Speaking with your child from the lobby area is very distracting and could lead to serious injury!

Q. Do you close when the schools have a holiday or “snow day”??

A. To ensure consistent programs, we are open for most holidays (e.g. Columbus Day, Presidents Day). Because, we sit between many different school districts, we do not follow the closing decisions of any particular district. Please call the office or check the website to receive any closing information. Such information will be updated regularly.

Session Information

*If your child’s class day falls on a date that we are closed for a Holiday, please contact the office to schedule a make-up class! Tuition will not be pro-rated for holiday closings.


Session 1

Aug. 20th - Oct. 20th

9 Weeks

PDD for Session 2
Oct. 6th

*Labor Day = Sept. 1st - Sept. 3rd

Session 2

Oct. 22nd - Dec. 22nd

9 Weeks

PDD for Session 3
Dec. 8th 

*Halloween = Oct. 31st

*Thanksgiving = Nov. 22nd - Nov. 25th 

Break Between Sessions 
     Dec. 23rd - Jan. 6th              

Session 3

Jan. 7th - Feb. 23rd 

7 Weeks

PDD for Session 4
Feb. 9th

Session 4

Feb. 25th - April 20th 

8 Weeks

(tuition based on 7 weeks)

PDD for Session 5
April 6th  

*Spring Break = Mar. 24th - Mar. 31st

(please note:session 4 tuition is based on 7 weeks of classes. No make ups are necessary for spring break closure)

Session 5

April 22nd - June 8th

7 Weeks

 Registration for Summer Classes Begins

*Memorial Day= May 25th - May 27th

Break Between Sessions
June 9th - June 16th

Session 6

June 17th  - August 10th 

8 Weeks

(Please call for new summer class times)

*Independence Day = July 4th 

Absences & Make - Ups

Due to the popularity of our classes, many run at full capacity, therefore we may be unable to accept make-ups in them. Please make every effort to attend your regularly scheduled class time. Make-ups depend on safety concerns, space, equipment, and teaching ratios. School age students are asked to attend one of our 2 hour long open gyms, for all make-ups. To optimize learning, make-ups are asked to be completed within the same session of the missed class.

Unfortunately, we are not able to credit or refund for missed classes.


All Boys & Girls
Pre-School Classes

School Year = 1 make-up per session

Summer = Unlimited make-ups

  • May schedule a make-up in any other regularly scheduled pre-school class or Wiggle Time Open Gym
  • Please call our office, in advance, to schedule (630) 351-8330

All Boys & Girls
School-Age Classes

School Year = 1 make-up per session
(To Be scheduled during open gym time)

Summer = Unlimited make-ups

  • Will receive a FREE OPEN GYM pass.
  • Please call our office, in advance, to schedule (630) 351-8330

Tumbling For Cheerleading

School Year = 1 make-up per session
(To Be scheduled during open gym time)

Summer = Unlimited make-ups

  • Will receive a FREE OPEN GYM pass.
  • Please call our office, in advance, to schedule (630) 351-8330

Additional Information


To continue in your current class, please PAY TUITION BEFORE THE PRIORITY DUE DATE (PDD) to guarantee your class spot! In addition, if you need to change your class day/time, we will gladly accommodate your request (assuming there is a vacancy in your desired class). Please be advised that there are NO REFUNDS or credits for missing a class.


Our open enrollment policy allows your child to join us at anytime (as long as there is a vacancy in your desired class). If a class is full, your child’s registration form will be dated and their name will be placed on a waiting list. After the Priority Due Date (PDD) the office will place new students into classes based on the order in which we received the registrations.


We occupy Units 101 & 102, with entry made through the North Driveway. For your safety, we ask that you enter through the NORTH driveway, and when leaving, please drive around the back of the building and exit via the SOUTH driveway. This alleviates congestion and promotes safety. Please do NOT park in front of the entry way to Unit 101- 104. For your child’s continued safety, please enter the building to pick up your child. No child is allowed to wait in the parking lot for pickup. Thank you!


Girls = Wear a leotard. No tights, socks or jewelry. Hair must be pulled back!
Boys = Wear a T-shirt tucked into athletic shorts (no buckles or zippers).


Full payment is required with registration. Payment may be made by check, cash, Discover, MC or Visa. Please make checks payable to Palmer Sports, Inc.
NSF Check Policy: If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), a $25 processing fee will be automatically charged to your account.


An annual administration/insurance fee is required of all students at time of enrollment, or each August if previously enrolled.  This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and is NOT transferable.

This fee defrays administrative and insurance costs, and if current, it entitles each student to priority status over new students, even if that student is not enrolled in class at the moment.


At Palmer’s, only the most expensive tuition in your immediate family, pays full price.  All additional siblings are discounted 10%! (Discount does not apply to team students).


Since many students choose to attend classes more than once a week, each additional class will be discounted 10%! (Discount does not apply to team students).


  • Smoking is not permitted in our facility.
  • No siblings or friends are allowed on any equipment. Only registered students are allowed on the gym floor.
  • No gum, food, or drinks are permitted on the gym floor.
  • Children who have a break between classes must remain in the lobby to eat and /or do homework. There is a microwave available if you wish to send food with your child.
  • A water bottle is a must to send with students!
  • Students are not allowed to bring bags, shoes or clothing onto the gym floor. Please use the cubbies located in the lobby area for your gear.

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